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Partnership Network

No Investment necessary

Intelligent Actions collaborates with Consultants, Business Coaches and others who help businesses reorganise.

We provide our partners with the technology to remotely document and optimise new and existing processes and then implement them, moving paperwork online. 

We provide our partners with everything they need to gain additional revenue streams without additional cost!

Working together we can help you develop a deeper and longer lasting relationship with your customer.

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Process Mapping Software, Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Skore is the cloud based process improvement platform deesigned to be used and understood easily by everyone in the organisation

Proudly based in Portsmouth, United Kingdom, but our people and community live and work from all over the world.

Change Agent, London

Akshar Business Consulting is led by Tejas Parikh, a seasoned consultant with in-depth finance function expertise. Tejas is a straight-talking, results-driven, hands-on leader with extensive international experience in strategic financial analysis, reporting and management.

With years of experience working for recognised brands including Unilever, Dixons, Whitbread, and Vodafone, Tejas uses his passion for enhancing finance functions and teams, to help his clients become more connected to broader business operations and company objectives.

This could be you!
This could be you!

Do you help businesses organize?

Do you mentor busy executives?

We can provide you with tools to deliver those efficiency gains and provide you with new revenue streams.