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Why use a workflow?

If something is done once it is a project – if it is repeated it is a process, and should be automated as a workflow, as it will make your company more efficient, more profitable and easier to manage

Improved Internal Communication.

Any business with more than a few people, benefits by the better communication provided by a workflow (i.e., the sequence of industrial, administrative, or other processes through which a piece of work passes between individuals from initiation to completion) and the real time reporting of where jobs are at any time. 

Ensuring the right work is routed to the right person at the right time

How To Implement A Workflow.

There are two stages in automating a workflow. 

(1) Process Capture

This is where one of Intelligent Actions Change Agents assists a Client in documenting how their company process should work, and in doing so use their process mapping expertise to advise best practice. Automating a poor process just ensures bad output faster!

(2) Workflow Implementation using Process Digitalization.

Process Digitalization is not a workflow automation that replaces people by machines, but one that provides them with real-time communication, and in doing so makes people feel less isolated, more productive and in control of their workload.

We take the process mapped and documented by one of our Change Agents and convert it into a custom online workflow that matches it exactly.

One that can be accessed on Smartphone, Tablet or PC for less than a cup of coffee per day!

Process Capture

Business Insight Review - Free of Charge

Capture your business process by drawing it on a whiteboard, photograph it and send a copy to us for a free review.

Alternatively, we can arrange for our Change Agents to video call you, to discuss your requirements, and provide you with an estimate of the cost of capturing your process.

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Process Capture - Starter   £1000

Includes up to 8 hours of process mapping consultancy from one of our experienced Change Agents.

We will teach you Intelligent Actions methodology to capture workflow process in detail.

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Process Capture - Level I   £2500

Includes up to 25 hours of process mapping consultancy from one of our experienced Change Agents.

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Process Capture - Level II   £5000

Includes up to 60 hours of process mapping consultancy from one of our experienced Change Agents.

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SKORE Users Validation Charge - £500

Here at Intelligent Actions, we use SKORE ( the leading Process Discovery and Documentation platform. 

This effective, easy to use software package has the appearance of a Graphical Editor but contains hidden depths that allow you to rapidly capture everything you need to fully document any business process. 

If you are currently capturing your process with SKORE we can show you how to annotate a SKORE Process Map to enable our workflow technology. Then, as you progress through Process Discovery, we build a custom workflow which allows you to check the logic of your process capture in detail and test it at each stage. 

If you have already completed your SKORE map, we can work with you to add the elements to create a fully operational custom workflow, to verify functionality and enable testing with users. 

When that is complete, you can take your enhanced SKORE documented process to a third party for development, or license the existing verified workflow hosted by Intelligent Actions from only £1500 per year. 

Included in the validation fee: 

  •     Configuration of Cloud hardware and software to run your workflow 
  •     8 hours of consultancy to verify and implement your workflow. 

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Systems from £1500 per year - includes software licence fees, hardware costs, platform support and maintenance


Working practices are optimised, workflow implemented and paperwork is replaced by online forms.

We are Business Process Re-engineers.

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