Whether you are working as individual analyst or running process improvement across the whole company, there is a plan for you

STARTER - £6 per user/per month

Bespoke automated workflow will route right work to the right staff member on predefined conditions.

Minimum of 5 users - one workflow only - set up charge required

TEAM- £8 per user/per month

The movement of work can be time tracked and escalated if required.

Minimum of 10 users - three workflows only - set up charge required

DEPARTMENT - £12 per user/per month

Integration with existing systems and databases can retrieve information and send to other systems.  

Minimum of 10 users - 25 workflows  - set up charge required

ENTERPRISE - Contact us for a quote per user/per month

Valuable work metrics can be captured to provide meaningful reporting.

Unlimited users - Unlimited workflows


We work with you or your workflow analyst to build a bespoke workflow to match your requirement.

How long this takes will depend on the complexity of your workflow and how you provide your information to us.

We can process information provided on one of our IAMAPS in two to three hours.

Online training to learn how to create an IAMAP is available 24/7 online. 

Included in the setup charge:

      Configuration of hardware and software to run your workflow

       Vouchers for 8 hours of consultancy (valid for 30days) to implement your workflow and make custom changes to user interfaces  

CONSULTANCY - £60 per hour

Additional consultancy £60 per hour.