Intelligent Actions mapping process IAMaps, was developed by a team with more than forty years of business process expertise and has been used successfully in major companies over the past fifteen years .

IAMaps provide an easy to use technique which can allow the whole team to contribute to the unambiguous documentation of any business process and has been used by the shop floor through to senior management in improving process workflow and business efficiency.

If you are planning to install a new business system it is essential that you capture your business as usual methods and review how they can be improved.

Training those who currently do the job in a way that enables them to document what is actually done rather than what is thought to be done can save time and money.

It can even avoid the use of external business analysts though we would be pleased to review your workflow documentation and provide you with expert advice.

How to make your business perform better: Our online training course with mentored support and IA-Mapping starter kit is available for only £120 per student.

On site training also available, please contact us for further information.