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What can you use a workflow for?

Intelligent Actions not only recommend using workflows for monitoring and coordinating job tasks passed between team members, but also in compliance and in information transfer activity.


In all cases, real time monitoring is possible so that the right work reaches the right team member at the right time, but also procedures are complied with and all information is shared in a timely manner.


Any business in any industry can now benefit by using Process Digitalization.


Who can use our workflows.

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Put your paperwork online.


HR Solutions

To match how you work.



Facilitate import / export compliance and paperwork delivery.



Work the way you want to with a custom information system.

Clinical Services

Ensure compliance and improve process speed.


Extend your financial integration

Unify your existing software packages into an integrated workflow.



Speed up information flow between sites and head-office.


Business Owners

Looking to sell your business? Make yourself replaceable!