Paperless Office

Paperless Office: You want to reorganise but no time to do it?

For a truly Paperless Office you need to talk to Intelligent Actions.

Our experienced consultants can help you understand how your business organisation actually works and how you can improve it. 

We are Business Process Re-engineers.

We provide the training and the technology to growing businesses to enable them to simplify their business processes.

We link your computer systems with your manual workflow integrating them into a fast, efficient, easy to use solution

Paperless Office: Changing your business structure?

Paperless Office: Intelligent Actions makes it happen!
Paperless Office: Intelligent Actions makes it happen!

Do you need to enable your business to integrate remote workers? 

Do you need to manage and monitor home workers tasks?  

New computer system coming?

You need to consult Intelligent Actions.

Paperless Office: We help you in 3 ways

  • Consultancy - Where we document your business processes and show you how to improve them.
  • Training-  We teach your team how to do this for themselves.
  • Workflow Automation -  We can provide a low cost platform that helps your business work smarter.

Paperless Office: Avoid the problems of undocumented 'know how'!

Business processes often have problem areas that don’t get addressed or fixed.

Examples include: 

  • Human failure - errors aren’t identified/validated at the source or the ‘right’ staff is unavailable (sick, away, other priorities). 

  • Lack of visibility - what stage is the workflow at any given time 

  • Exceptions - everything can run fine until there is an exception when options aren’t clear or understood. 

  • Missed deadlines - accountability for meeting required dates. Critical when there are other dependencies on a specific action. 

  • Conflicting priorities - Employees with specific roles can get distracted with other actions and ignore important task-based operations. 

  • Staff Stress – Automated systems reduce staff stress by providing them with a supportive guided environment. 

  • Missing information - can result in stalled activities. 

Even companies with good procedures can find they are prone to these types of issues and errors 

Intelligent Actions can fix this for you at low cost.  Contact us today